“For someone fascinated by animation but unsure how to proceed, the future can seem daunting and scary. Where’s a potential animator to turn? Why, to other unsure, daunted animators, of course! The Animators Letters Project allows experienced artists to write about how they got their start, as well as about what they find important in their field — and in life.”PETE DOCTER, Pixar Animation Studios, Director of Inside Out, Up and Monsters, Inc.

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Willie Downs

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William F. "Willie" Downs III is the creator of The Animator Letters Project, which has been featured by Cartoon Brew, Animation Magazine, Letters of Note, and KCRW’s The Business. With contributors like Pete Docter, Gary Trousdale, Brenda Chapman, John Musker and Roger Allers, The Animator Letters Project has already become a world-wide inspiration to aspiring animators. Downs is a former student of Animation Mentor Online Animation School, and is currently a student at The University of Texas at Arlington, pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management. During his junior year of high school, Downs joined the Texas Army National Guard, serving six years with one deployment to Iraq, where he was awarded The Army Commendation Medal for meritorious service. Downs and his wife reside in the suburbs of Fort Worth, Texas where they enjoy taking their dog for walks in the park.

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